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100 years after 100 days from today

7 days ago was our 4th dating anniversary.

I never thought that I could be someone’s girlfriend for that long. I used to think that a relationship became so boring when all the initial excitements had vanished. When the butterflies were all gone and the overwhelming feeling of always missing my boyfriend had subsided. When calling him would not make my heart beats faster. When waiting for his text was not so frustrating yet exciting anymore.
When love… just didn’t feel so passionate anymore.

Yet, being your girlfriend for so long doesn’t bore me.

Last week when I’m with my mom and I’m just reading japanese manga the whole day, she asked me, “How do you spend your quality time with Taz if you keep reading manga all day long?”

I look up from my manga and thinking for a bit then said, “Well.. If I’m reading then he will be watching TV or playing games. But we do it by sitting next to each other, sometimes we’re holding hands while doing it. Other times our legs will be entwined. Or he will caress me if he’s watching TV. That way we realize each other’s presence. And that’s definitely fine and enjoyable for both of us.”

My mom frowned. She might think we are weird. Others might think so, too.

But that weirdness probably is the reason why I haven’t feel bored yet. I love being weird with you.

I can’t tell you how many people who frowned or looking at me with disbelief when I told them that our favorite TV show was everything on Nat Geo Wild. That channel is boring for a lot of people, yet we enjoy it a lot.

Funny to see how our relationship is not boring even though we like to do ‘boring’ activities like that. 😀

I guess… you’re just like my comfortable bolster. People might think our way of spending time is boring, but I hug you with familiarity, I kiss you with tons of love, and I feel like I will be lost without you. I feel at ease the most when I have you with me. I can’t sleep well without you.

Whether I’m reading, watching DVD, playing games, or doing any kind of my own things, I feel like it would be better if I know you are near me. Even though you’re busy on your own too.

That boring comfort zone, oddly, doesn’t bore me.

As I used to tell you, I don’t know for how long will I still keep loving you passionately.

But know this, even though those sparks of passionate love might fade, our boring activities will bring our hands to hold each other again.

And as we always do, we will be looking at each other with a smirk, raising our eyebrows without any exchange of words and smile lovingly while our hands hold each other tighter.

That weird us… probably why I’m still with you with insatiable need to love and to be loved. 🙂

Happy 4th dating anniversary, love.

100 days from today will be our big day to start a new journey with a new status.
And from that day, let’s live 100 boring yet comfortable and loving years together.


soon to be


Lesson learned: Never Dislike Someone Too Much

Since I was in my 13 or 14, when I said I dislike something or someone, older people would tell me not to dislike something or someone too much.

“Just don’t.”

They said I might ended up having my life stuck with the thing I dislike.

I think it’s ridiculous because hey I dislike it so there’s no chance I could get too near to it, right?

When I entered senior high school, I realized that even though I’m a chinese, I don’t like chinese guys. I prefer ‘pribumi’ or a native Indonesian. It’s difficult for me to explain why, but probably because I like guys with darker skin color and bigger eyes (than mine)?

(Disclaimer:  If this post seems like it’s getting racist, trust me, it doesn’t meant to be that way)


Anyway, that kinda explains how I had several pribumi ex-boyfriends from different ethnic group.

I never had a chinese boyfriend even though some chinese guys wooed me. Because no matter how I thought they’re cute or funny or I actually kinda liked them, I couldn’t bring myself to like them enough to be their girlfriend.

But there is always a first time of everything, right? (Okay, maybe not EVERYthing though. Not for eating cockroach satay at Thailand, for example 😀 )


So I met someone whom I initially regarded as another ordinary chinese guy who had a crush on me.

He almost lost me at a lot of things. The way he disappeared to the toilet without informing me when we went out on a date, his neklace, his shoes (later he told me, they were his FAVORITE shoes hahaha :D), his look (LOL!), the way he talked and probably almost everything because I just didn’t like chinese guy.

Especially the one that looks like a Hongkong’s triad/gangster member:

"I-Wanna-Kill-You" look

“I-Might-Kill-You” look


I just couldn’t hold myself from telling my cousins how screwed up the date went. My cousin laughed at me when I firmly said, “This guy totally lost me at almost everything. There won’t be another date between me and him.”

Yea, right. 😀


But after 6 months of chatting via Yahoo! Messenger and several dates (Yes, there was a second date. And no, I don’t remember why 😀 ),

I realized that he is not that ordinary.


And after almost a year of persistently wooing me, he finally won my heart. No matter how I used to think that the idea of being in love with this guy is ridiculous, somehow he managed to convince me that it’s not.


It actually turns out to be one of the best thing that ever happened to me 🙂


Honestly, now I still think that pribumi guys are hotter than chinese guys. But from all of them, the hottest guy is still this guy sitting beside me. (uh well, this is a very subjective statement, I admit. Lol. 😀 )



And of course, he made me believe what people told me;

“Never dislike someone or something too much. You might ended up having your life stuck with the thing you dislike.”


Well… I don’t regret how I initially dislike you, though. Because look at me now,


I’m happily stuck on you.




P.S. : Celebrating my 3 years of being his girlfriend. What a record! I never date someone this long before! How come I’m not even getting bored with him yet?? Lol 😀