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I walked across the room, looking at this music box on a small wood desk.

Weird, very weird.

I have never came here before, but this music box looked familiar.

Very weird indeed.

“Have you waited long?”, a voice startled me.

She turned around, swiftly as soon as she heard me.

But it was like she moved in slow-motion. How her calf-length skirt swayed, how she spun herself, and how her hair covered her face partially as the wind blew.

She looked confused. Her expression was questioning me, and everything.

Deep down inside me, I was chuckling.

She was beautiful as always.

“Uh. Hi.”, I greeted this man in front of me.

He was wearing a white loose shirt, he has this silver fox hair and his eyes… they were magnetic. Those that would draw you in if you stared at them too long. Oh and I was doing that alright.

I tried to smile, awkwardly.

“Uhm. I’m Sierra.”

His smile faded as he stared at me, and he looked disappointed for a split second. Then he smiled, a smile that was so calming, so beautiful and so familiar.


“Hi, Sierra. Liking what you were looking at?” he pointed at the music box

“Ah yes. No. I mean, I don’t know. I think it was a music box?” I laughed, embarrassed at myself for getting so nervous.

He chuckled. It sounded like a warm espresso on a winter night.

He looked at me with a serious look on his face. “Yes it’s a music box. But you know, it could also be a treasure box or something. Do you want to try to open it?”

He smiled teasingly. I blushed.

“I don’t know. Can I?” I looked at the music box again.

He stood beside me. He walked so quietly I almost didn’t realize it.

“Sure. If you have the key.”

We just stood there in silence while staring at this music box keyhole.

Ah, yes, I just realized it has a keyhole on it.

Do I have the key?

Weird. So weird.

I felt so relaxed. So peaceful that it was weird.

Ah, where is this place again?

Wait, why am I here?

I started to looked around slowly.

There were no other thing in this room but this desk and a music box on it.

The walls were the color of autumn leaves. I love autumn.

How do I get here again?

I looked at this man in front of me, quizzically.

What was his name again?

I smiled.

It’s always entertaining when she narrowed her eyes and got deep in thought.

I missed that. So much that it was so painful that I had to wait such a long time.

“I painted the walls. Because you like them, don’t you? The color of ginger and cinnamon? Of how the leaves changed their colors on fall? You also like to step on dried leaves just to hear the crackling sound they made.” I couldn’t help myself but chuckled as I remembered that.

I darted my eyes on his immediately.

Did I know him? I do know him, don’t I?

My eyes started to get wet. Uh why was this again?

I felt a strong feeling of longing something.

I stared at him, looking into his hazel eyes, trying to find an answer.

My hands reached for my pocket and I felt my hand touching something metal cold.

I looked at him with tears welling up.

He smiled gently, “You have the key?”

I pulled out a small gold key.

“Do you want to try to put that key in? You might find something treasured inside. Probably your old mitten? The one that you couldn’t bear of throwing it away even though it was already so worn out. The color was not even olive green anymore.” he laughed and looking at me, amusingly.

I pouted.

He had this twinkle in his eyes and smiled coyly.

“I love your pout. I always have, I always do, I always will, Eyra.”

Butterflies were flying erratically in my stomach. My heart thumping hard.

I know this guy. I surely do.

Even the butterflies in my stomach knew that I do, they felt so familiar, like a de ja vu.

I ignored him and focusing on the music box instead.

My hand was shaking slightly, but I managed to put the key inside it.

I twisted it gently and heard a click sound.

I looked at this man who was smiling so gently at me. He gleamed with anticipation.

I opened the music box gently.

The melody of Aubrey song was filling up the room.

And Aubrey was her name,
We tripped the light and danced together to the moon

I watched how realization dawned upon her, memories were hitting her hard, her tears started streaming down.

I puled her into my arms, embracing her. I caressed her ash gray hair and hold her small fragile body tightly as she cried her heart out.

“Gregory.. Oh Gregory… How I missed you… How could I forgot you…” she wept.

I smiled into her hair and kissed the top of her head.

“I forgot who I was when I first got here too, darling. It’s okay. It’s okay. I know you would remember me anyway.”

I pulled her chin up, holding her gaze.

He kissed my tears.

My sweet, sweet Gregory.

How could I forgot him?

After all this time I’ve waited for this moment to be with him again.

I held his hand tightly.

“Finally. Finally I can see you again.”

I stroked his face gently and lovingly.

He smiled and kissed the inside of my wrinkly palm.

“I know. I missed you too.”

I smiled brightly.

It was so bright in this room as well.


“Aubrey. Are you done?”

“Ah yes, just a little while.”

I took the music box from the drawer.

Mom often asked me to open this music box to her in the hospital, she would listened to the music serenely.

It reminded her of dad, I guess.

I sat on the edge of my bed.

I remembered how they used to play this music box to stop my tears back then when I was a little kid. When dad passed away, mom would sometimes open this music box too. Now that I thought about those moments again, I believed those were times when she was missing him.

So I would open this on the funeral. And later I would too, when I miss them.

I smiled at the music box and wiped my tears.

Slowly, I opened the box.

Mom, Dad, I miss you.

Oh and mom, have you met dad?



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