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Just a thought that crossed a (nearly) 24 years old me recently…

Coming back home alone is good. But coming back to a home where you live together with your beloved spouse is better.


..or so I thought recently.


I love my room where I live alone in my boarding house. I don’t have any problem with that.

But I don’t know exactly since when, I’d started to depict an image;

I came back home from work with boyfriend to a house where we lived together. We were both tired after a long day at work and the unfriendly traffic on our way back home. I still had to cook dinner for us and tidying the house. But I did all of them happily.


I didn’t really like that kind of visualization before. I always think that living with a spouse (or in another word, got married to someone) is such a troublesome thing. Having to take care for another person in my life (other than myself) is just…

I don’t know, maybe I just wasn’t prepared for that. (because I’m too lazy and still want to live my life arbitrarily. YES I ADMIT THAT. lol)


Whoa, so am I ready  to get into a serious commitment (a.k.a Marriage) since I’m able to depict such a visualization in my mind now?





Honestly, I don’t know. (and it’s not like boyfriend had already proposed to me so I still have a lot of time to get myself ready or to think about it)

All I know is just that now the image I had in my head, which I have to spent my days with boyfriend (or husband?) under the same roof, is – surprisingly – not terrifying anymore. I suddenly feel that it’s not a troublesome thing anymore.


Rather, I think that image…





…is somewhat….









and I like that. 🙂


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  1. Masak sih belum ke Karimun Jawa. Yuk habiskan liburanmu disini

    Paket wisata karimun jawa, buka


  2. I think will never feel sure or ready, even when you already in front of the church. For me, somehow, get up early (and i mean really early, like 4 AM since house is suburban area) to cook & prepare food seems very natural thing to do. Because you will fed up with takeaway food eventually and misses home-cooking very much. And nobody can cook it for you, but yourself.
    Besides cooking, many things to compromise when we get married and live together. And as woman, we are naturally fated to be the caretaker, the cooker, the cleaner, etc. Be grateful if your spouse willingly to help without you asking, don’t expect too much.

    Just be mentally prepared that when you’re at your low, you just DON’T and NEVER WILL GIVE UP.


    • For me, getting up early to cook something to myself is VERY troublesome. Really, I couldn’t be bothered, I’d rather eat potato chips or biscuits or even wait until I want to get out and buy something to eat even though my tummy is growling like there was a dragon inside demanding for foods. But having to get up early and cook something for someone is another thing. As long as he can appreciate that, I (think I will) feel happy to do that. It’s not like that you don’t know sis, lazy is my middle name. LOL



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