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Romantic Prince Charming

Just read a blog post of a friend, about a series of coincidences which lead him to meet his current girlfriend. It was a simple post, yet it’s such a sweet one. Especially, considering how hard he was trying to find a girlfriend before he finally met this special girl :p

His boo also wrote a post about how they met and how God arranged those coincidental things turn into something as special as what they’re having right now.

Reading their writings and find them as such a romantic thing made me couldn’t help but to feel envious.


I guess that’s because I’m quite a hopeless romantic that hoping someone would also write such sweet posts about our love journey.

Someone who would sing for me although he couldn’t sing as good as Chris Martin.

Someone who would write simple but lovely poems about me.

Someone who would send me flowers even though there’s no any special occasion.

Someone who would tell me how much he loves me and how he couldn’t stop thinking about me.

Someone who would show his friends how precious I am to him.


As some (or few) of you’d probably know, I write some posts about boyfriend and our story in this blog. I’m that kind of girl who would suddenly, out of nowhere, tell him how much I love him. I’m more romantic than him and I hope he could be at least as romantic as I am. Probably I’m too indulged in the romance novels I used to read. Those which depicting a good looking guy, who seems arrogant but is actually quite romantic and would do anything for the girl he loves. (Wait, this kinda sounds like Dao Ming Tse from Meteor Garden…)

Sometimes I tell myself that I should take a good look at myself first, before hoping for such a too-good-to-be-true thing happened to me. The other times I tell myself it’s okay for a girl to daydreaming about her prince charming.


But then I’m being reminded of  how a prince charming is not always gonna appear wearing a crown on his head. Not always gonna ride a horse, or in a horse-drawn carriage. Maybe he appears while he’s walking on foot and accidentally bumps into you and makes you drop the books you are carrying and when the two of you are trying to pick those books up, he accidentally touch your ha- OH OKAY THIS SOUNDS LIKE A CHEESY NOVEL I WILL STOP IT RIGHT AWAY.

Maybe he appears while you two are waiting in the taxi line together. Or maybe he’s the taxi driver. You’ll never know.

And he might not be able to sing a love song for me, but gonna buy me chocolates and rub my abdomen when I’m having my period.

He might not be able to write me sweet poems but is a good and crazy partner to have a pillow fight.

He might not be able to write a romantic post about us, but gonna tell me a silly and lame joke that only the two of us would understand and I still laugh my ass off anyway.

He might not gonna send me flowers for any occasion ever, but will hug me tight after a heated argument where both of us are being an asshole, and gently pinch me while telling me to stop making a fuss over small thing.

He might not be able to tell me sweet words I want to hear, but if I care enough to look at the small things in my life, I will realize how much he loves me. And how much he wants to show me that I’m his everything,


…in his own way.




And that’s good enough for a prince charming without a castle and horse drawn-carriage, I guess 🙂

perfect imperfections


(oh and for that blog of my friend, you can check it out here:


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