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On a very sweet and pretty polar bear’s birthday

Everytime she has her birthday, I feel like I’m being reminded that I would get that old too 8 months later. Hahahaha

So I refrain myself from teasing her, even though I was like “GEEZ, 24 YEARS OLD! THAT MEANS THIS NOVEMBER I’M GONNA BE 24 YEARS OLD TOO! THAT’S OLD!” since yesterday.

Prolly because when I was 13, I always think to myself that I’m gonna get married when I’m 22 or 23. Now I’m 23 going 24 already, and I still can’t imagine myself being someone’s wife. I mean, TAKING CARE OF SOMEONE ELSE?? Cook for him, tidying house, wash and iron his shirts for him, preparing his working outfit, and other blah? I can’t even take a good care of myself right now! GYAHAHAHAHA.

And when I told this to my colleague, she was like “BITCH, PLEASE. I’m 10 years older than you and you’re telling me that 24 is OLD?? WHADDAYA MEAN BY SAYING THAT??”

Whoa, oopssie. LOL.

Anyway, she made a wish-list for her birthday and I choose to buy her a C&K wallet.  Instead of a birthday card, I made this for her:

Reng 24 Bday

Happy birthday, my sweetest polar bear! xoxo


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  1. hahaha.. iya enjoy your 20s while you can… tapi jangan too comfortable juga, karena time really flies, tau2 ntar udah masuk 30s aja… 😛



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