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Happy 2nd Dating Anniversary with me, asshole! :*

Boyf: When I first met you, I believe it was love at the first sight.

Me : When I first met you, ….uh wait I didn’t remember that moment at all. In fact, I didn’t even remember you at all! HAHAHAHAHA

Boyf: ….

– I was being introduced to him as a new secretary at that time. He was the hunkiest man in the tax division.


It’s funny how a guy that I didn’t even remember at all even after the two of us were being teased together for many times is also the same guy that I date for the last two years.

And up until this moment that is the longest dating relationship I have ever had with a guy. So, congratulations huh? You have broke my record, now here’s your award *gives chocolate ice cream cone*







Somehow I can’t write strongly happy and sweet feelings about this, probably because I know that I am so far behind from his previous dating record (7 years!) and I felt like, “Geez 7 years must create more feelings than 2 years” but then I was like “Fuck your thoughts, what were you thinking, this isn’t a race.” but then I was like ” *Sigh* What he felt and experienced for 7 years must have been carved really deep inside his hearts and compared to that, 2 years are nothing.” again and then I was like “What’s important is quality not quantity, and my 2 years relationship has a lot higher quality that that 7 years one” and then….. DUH I JUST HAVE SUCH A MIXED-UP FEELINGS, YA’KNOW :”(

But this morning when he sent me a message saying happy anniversary and I replied him with “Happy anniversary too. But eh two years is probably nothing to you *wink*” (I added a winking emoticon so that he wouldn’t know my insecurity lol), I didn’t expect he would reply;

“It’s only been 2 years  but you have already become my everything.”









By the time I write this post, I’m thinking that,

“No matter how long is a fairy tale, what matters most is the content of the story and the end of it. No matter how long you have a relationship, if you broke up anyway and giving each other bad impression then what’s there to be proud of?”



Go away, insecurity. Shoo! Shoo!


P.S. : To the asshole that I love, thank you :”)


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  1. I love you, dear *kiss*



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