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Love At First Sight

I always think it’s funny how life surprises you by fulfilling your wish.

When I worked in the previous company, I had to take bus every day from my boarding house to my company and vice versa. Standing inside the bus, merely watching the same buildings get passed one by one until I reach my destination was a routine.

But there was one building that is so attractive to me and made me think to myself,

I want to work in that building. I am going to be a part of an office in that building.


Every day I passed by that building, the same thought crossed my mind. I always hope that someday I’ll proudly walk into that interesting building, being a part of the company who built that building.  And that hope, made me excited when I knew they had a vacancy of secretary position.

The timing was so perfect because I was looking for a new job too, and there it was. A vacancy that fits perfectly with my desire.

Went in for the first interview. While waiting to be interviewed, I met a guy who was going to be interviewed as IT staff. Being nice and polite, we exchanged our first names and talked a lil’ bit about our occupation. Several days later, he suddenly added my Yahoo Messenger and asked me to have an affair with him. OUT OF NOWHERE. He said he just searched me up using my first name in Facebook.

I was so shocked and it scared me, honestly. My name is a very common name, Olivia. How many people on Facebook have the same name as mine? Well, I don’t know how many exactly, but I believe HUNDREDS people on Facebook have the same first name. See why I said it’s scary?

He also told me that he contacted the HR staff of the company, to find information of my mobile number. Luckily, they didn’t give it to him. I thought he was joking at first. But when he asked me mockingly, “Haha come on, it’s very common nowadays, to have few boyfriends or girlfriends at once. What’s the big deal? I just have to apologize I couldn’t add you on Facebook because my current girlfriend is a very jealousy type. You have a boyfriend, too, right? So that should be fine.”

…I deleted and blocked him.

What a weird interview experience, I thought. And knowing that I might work with this guy in the same company kinda creeps me out. But I got a call for the second interview.

This time, I met the user. That means, this person who is going to interview me, will be my boss. I will handle a lot of things for him.



My boss-gonna-be didn’t talk much, but every time he asked me something that I answered perfectly (or so I thought), he always came up with another “check mate!” question that made me speechless. *wipes tears*

Since things got weirder, I thought that’s a sign that I wasn’t going to work there. I was preparing myself for a self-consolation plan the next day when I realized I missed THREE CALLS from that company. Frantically, I contacted the HR manager and asked him whether he got something he wanted to tell me.

Luckily, they didn’t give up or made a call to another candidate. I’m hired.

I almost jumping around in joy if I didn’t remember that I was still in the office. Tschüss, ex-company!

It was like love at the first sight. I fell in love with this company because of its building, prayed every day to get in here and here I am 🙂

When you really aim for something, have a strong will and do your best to get it, you’ll probably get it eventually.

Just like what Paulo Coelho said in The Alchemist,

quote paulo coelho

Celebrating my 1st anniversary being a part of this amazing company…, and a secretary of a genius vice president director.

(paulo coelho’s quote picture from here)

P.S. : That weird guy didn’t get the job. So.. YIPPIE YAY. lol 😀


About Godeliva Olivia

loves reading, sweet iced tea, and good laugh.

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  2. Really love that quote from the Alchemist. Universe will conspires as our thinking.
    Congratulation for anniversary of your beloved job. 🙂



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