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This morning I suddenly giggled when I remember my conversation with adorable cousins  several weeks ago.

Cousin N (17 y.o.) is going to attend college this year, so cousin L (20 y.o.) and I told him that he should really cherish the moments at senior high school.

Departing from that, they started to tell me the stories of mischievousness during high school.

Cousin L started it by telling his own story when he locked his teacher up in the toilet and turned off the light purposely. Well, he didn’t really do it on purpose though because he thought it was his friend that was still in the toilet. It then became an uproar in his school because this male teacher PASSED OUT inside the toilet. Uh, maybe he got a phobia of darkness or something. The entire school was talking about this incident and lucky for cousin L, they couldn’t find the culprit so he didn’t get any punishment he oughta get.

Then cousin N told us the mischievousness that his friend, J, did to their friends in the class. I can’t believe how prankish J is, especially because he is kind of boy who always smile politely and address me whenever we meet. Well, there’s always a dark side of people I guess, hahahaha.

The first event started with a friend of them who fell asleep in the class with his mouth wide open and his teeth clearly visible. Instead of waking his friend up and asked him to sleep properly, J drew on his teeth with black marker. YES, a black marker which we usually use to write on white board, on his teeth. The boy had to wash his teeth thoroughly and geez, I think he got to taste the ink of marker inevitably.

Although the boy got mad at J, it doesn’t stop him at all. Because, probably thinking that the prior event was nothing, J also peed into another friend’s water bottle and calmly watched with innocent look while the poor boy drank his water. (YUCK!!) Tasting something unusual from his water made this boy accused J peeing in it and brought this matter to the teachers.  (I’m surprised he could tell that it’s urine right away, hmmmm… :p)

This is where thing got interesting, because J wanted to prove his innocence and to do so, he got to drink the water in front of the teachers and his friend.







Serves him right, because he was hoisted by his own petard anyway :p


Ah. Should get back to work now.*Still remembers J who drank his own pee* ppffftttt!



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  1. oooh my.. What a boy J is.
    But in the end his friend will drink more than he is right? after his friend convinced that there’s nothing in the water.



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