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Feet Hipster!

Last April, boyfie’s brother got engaged at Palembang. So we went there to join the occasion and since it was my first time going to Palembang, my first impression of this city is: Palembang is humidly hot!

But Palembang has Pempek, which is really delicious so I could pretend not feeling the heat and look forward bringing more pempek back to Jakarta.

In the airport, when we were waiting for our plane to fly back to Jakarta, this conversation occurred:


Let’s take a photo of our feet!


What? That’s weird.


No, this is cool! A lot of people did this.


Are you sure?


YEAH! Geez, I understand if you don’t get this. Age gap.

Then I stared at him like  saying, ‘Oh you wouldn’t think this is cool, cause you’re TOO OLD for this’. I acted like I was a hipster or something (but totally failed) because I just love to tease him in any way I could. Like calling him ‘uncle’ or ‘engkoh-engkoh’ cause I know he hates it when I call him that way. lol

We did take the photo afterwards. Hahahaha. (I can see very clearly I don’t have a gift to become a photographer)

P.S. : He’s just 8 years older than me, not really that MUCH OLDER actually. *tongue out*


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  1. LOL..
    Tasmika lucu aja yah :p



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