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TEN! (yes, I’m so bored that I decided to make this post)

Ten Are You…

1. are you single – Fabulously single *kibas rambut* *crossed fingers* hahaha, no, I’m in a relationship with an asshole (:
2. are you happy – Yea, I guess, apart from the fact that I’m not really feeling well right now *cough*
3. are you bored – Yes, wanna play with me?
4. are you naked – HAHAHAHAHAHANO
5. are you a blonde – No and proud of my black hair
6. are you moody – errr yesss
7. are you a lover/hater – a lover *wink*
8. are you hot/cold – between?
9. are you irish – nope
10. are you asian – YES!


Ten This Or That
1. love or lust – Love first, then combined with lust. Nyummy. *eh*
2. cats or dogs – Dogs
3. a few best friends or many regular friends – A few best friends and many very good friends. *maruk*
4. television or internet – Internet. I can even read japanese manga so… yeah.
5. chinese or indian – Chinese *menyipitkan mata* *eh udah sipit deng*
6. wild night out or romantic night in – I’d choose… both. So my life would be vary. hahaha.
7. money or happiness – Tricky question, but money. So I can buy a lot of books and visit beautiful countries with my beloved ones (which makes me happy). So… HAH.
8. night or day – Day 🙂
9. msn or phone – Phone
10. ipod or mp3 – iPod


Ten Preferences In Partner
1. smile or eyes – Nice smile and eyes that are smiling *marukkk*
2. light or dark hair – Dark hair. Sexier. *growl*
3. hugs or kisses – Hugs, kisses, wet kisses, caresses, fondles, hickeys,  … EH KOK MALAH JADI BANYAK?!
4. shorter or taller – Taller
5. intelligence or attraction – BOTH *maruk aja terusss*
6. romantic or spontaneous – Spontaneously romantic. hahahahahaha.
7. funny or serious – Could be both. lol.
8. older or younger – Oldddeeerrrrrrrr
9. outgoing or quiet – outgoing
10. sweet or bad ass – A badass that’s sweet *orang termaruk di dunia*


Ten Random Questions

1. which shoe goes on first – The right one
2. ever thrown something at someone  – Yes, crumpled piece of paper, straws, books.

3. on average, how much money do you carry with you – Enough for me to buy half a dozen of Coldstone’s ice cream.

4. what jewellery do you wear – A simple neklace. Only that.
5. do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it – Twirl! :9
6. have you ever eaten spam – Never
7. favorite ice cream – COLDSTONE’S DARK CHOCOLATE! NYUUUM.
8. how many kinds of cereal are in your cabinet – …Zero.
9. what’s your favorite beverage – Es teh manis FTW. And chrysanthemum tea :9


About Godeliva Olivia

loves reading, sweet iced tea, and good laugh.

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