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I couldn’t write sweet beautiful poems for you, nor about you.

Well, I wasn’t born to be a poet I guess.

I couldn’t sing you a love song cause my voice is terrible.

I couldn’t dress myself with girly dresses, nor wearing make-up to impress you,

I don’t have a long beautiful hair like a princess, the kind that you wish you could caress on.

I couldn’t speak gently and softly like most girls will do when they are with their boyfriend.

I couldn’t hold myself from swearing even if it’s in front of you.

I couldn’t walk like a model on a catwalk, I don’t have a beauty that mesmerizes everyone who sees me.

I can’t be perfect for you, even though I wish I could.

But beyond those imperfections, for every day of my life I’m trying to make you feel loved.

To remind you how much I will miss you when you’re not by my side.

This might be cheesy, but you,

yes you the man over there,

…I’m glad that you came out from my dream and turns out to be real.

i love you.


About Godeliva Olivia

loves reading, sweet iced tea, and good laugh.

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