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That day, I easily got angry over little things.

He tried to tease and coax me. Yet, it was difficult to bring myself up to smile.

I looked away from him, then acted harshly until he became annoyed too.


He drove me home and all along the way we spent it in silence.

Both of us put  a sullen look.


When we arrived at the front of my house, he looked straight to the steering wheel.

Didn’t even bother to say goodbye.


I stared at him and when he looked at me in the eyes, I reached out to slightly caress his face.



Then we kissed.


‘I love you’,  he said, right before I exit his car.


I didn’t reply anything but a simple ‘Bye.’

But we both know, eventhough I didn’t say the words,


I do love him too.


About Godeliva Olivia

loves reading, sweet iced tea, and good laugh.

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  1. Funny, I just think that I’m lucky too to meet a new acquaintance like you 😀
    Anyway, thanks, that really makes my day. Now excuse me while I screen-capture your comment and show it to boyfie XD


  2. damn. he’s a lucky guy.



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