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a beautiful butterfly

I had once read a story that tells about a little boy, who forced a butterfly which was still on its process of pupation to came out from its pupa.

Since the butterfly was not ready yet to become a ‘real butterfly’, its wings were wrinkled and it seemed so vulnerable and not as beautiful as the little boy hoped it would be.


It couldn’t even fly properly.


The lesson of this story is to wait for the right time. Everything will be beautiful at its time.

A cocoon will turn into a beautiful butterfly when it has done with its  metamorphosis.


Slow down, take it easy, enjoy every moment, and when the right time comes, you will know.

…and everything will turn out beautiful.


I hope, I am a beautiful butterfly with awesome wings now.


About Godeliva Olivia

loves reading, sweet iced tea, and good laugh.

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